What to Pack for a Hen Party

What to Pack for a Hen Party

You’ve planned a weekend but aren’t entirely sure on what to pack for a hen party? no problem, we’re here to help. Here are some of our essentials to take to a hen party to survive the weekend.

Emergency Kit

Now this is literally all the little things you will find in your clutch or swimming around the bottom of your bag. However, these little things are very important to keeping a smile on your face for your hen party weekend away. These little things include, plasters or gel inserts. These are there to keep your feet healthy and happy after all the walking around you girls will get up to. Another great thing to bring along is paracetamol and water for those morning after headaches. Not forgetting, chewing gum and lip balm, just because every girl needs these in their bag.

Phone Charger

Now, what would we do without our phones. It’s bad but it’s very true, us girls need our phones! You wouldn’t have your phone if it wasn’t for your blessed phone charger, so don’t forget it. However, a phone is the best way to keep in touch in case of emergencies and snap those killer shots of your fun cocktail making parties and wild nights out.

Flat Shoes

What to pack for a hen party? We’ve all been there, walking the streets of town with no shoes on because we just “can’t hack it anymore” with our ridiculously high heels. Whether it’s a pair of flip flops or slip ons, they will most definitely save the day. There’s nothing worse than coming home with cuts, blister and even bruises. You can even purchase some flip flops from club toilets if you’re really in a pickle.

Make-up Wipes

These bad boys are every girl’s best friend. They’re perfect before and after a night out or if you’ve took part in any outdoor activities in the day. Easily remove any make-up quickly so you don’t feel any worse in the morning.


Accessories and props are the fun part to any hen party. Grab your whistles, inflatable dolls, badges and sashes to jazz up your group. This way people will know what you’re there for and adds a little extra fun to the hen party.





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