Our Favourite Hangover Cures

Our Favourite Hangover Cures

Having a night out with your hen party may seem like a good idea at first, a few drinks with the hens at our cocktail making party or a quiet one at the bar. But before you know it, it’s one of those mornings where getting out of your bed feels like the toughest task you’ve ever had to achieve. But that’s what were here for, these are our favourite hangover cures that can make your post-night out symptoms less severe.  


As you know (if you can remember) when drinking on a night out you tend to venture to the loo more often than normal. Water is a must when it comes to curing a hangover. Alcohol can dehydrate your body of fluids so before you fall into your bed you should drink a glass of water. The more water you drink the more fluid there is to replace the alcohol and the better you will feel. So before ordering another vodka maybe order a glass of water, you’ll thank us in the morning.

Toast or Crackers

Remember as a kid when your mum would make you eat toast when you’d had an upset tummy, well this advice is perfect for now too. Toast or crackers can be a lifesaver for if you can’t keep food down. By eating a few pieces of toast or crackers it will raise your blood sugar levels. If you’ve been drinking one too many your liver is working overtime to process everything so your sugar levels stay down which is why you’re tired and irritable. It also helps soak up all of the night before left in your stomach. Who would’ve thought our mums were talking sense all along?

Greasy Food

Although toast and crackers will help the morning after it’s all about what you eat before your 2 for 1 cocktails. Though you may be craving the greasy foods in the taxi ride home and would do anything for some chicken nuggets it’s all about eating them before. By eating foods with high-fat before going out you reduce your risk of a hangover as the fats line your stomach. If you’re healthier than a trip to the local fast food restaurant, then try eating high-carb foods like rice and pasta. From lining your stomach, it helps slow the absorption of alcohol throughout the night making you feel better the following morning.

Pain Medication

Do you even have a hangover if your head isn’t pounding?? To ease your head try using things such as anti-inflammatory drugs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen. Try to avoid things like Tylenol and paracetamol as although there ideal for headaches when you’ve got an over working liver due to your alcohol intake they would probably do more damage than good.

Sleep it Off

According to research sleeping helps you get over your hangover as it gives your liver a longer time to scrub down your system of all the alcohol you’ve poured into yourself from the night before. Especially since you probably didn’t get a decent night’s sleep from continuous trips to the loo along with your odd sips of water. If you aren’t going to have a productive day you may as well accept defeat of your hangover and sleep to get back on form.

If All Else Fails, Sunglass It Up!

This is the typical last resort of our favourite hangover cures but everyone does it! Some can’t stay in bed in their sweats all day recovering from the previous night, cringing as you slowly remember everything. Some actually have to experience the painful venture outside. Along with the usual joys of a hangover you may find yourself sensitive to bright lights which is where sunglasses come in. Nobody would even suspect anything so long as it isn’t raining.

Obviously none of these are going to perform miracles, but these are our very effective tips on saving and preventing you from the hangovers everyone always dreads the morning after.

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